The Flaws Of The Education System

There have been a lot of debates surrounding the flaws that are present in education system these days. Lets us take a look at the factors which are responsible for making the education system quite flaky.

Teacher’s Attitude

One of the major issues that have gripped the education system for a long time is that the teachers almost have similar structure when it comes to their pay packages. The education industry as a whole does not recognize the need for awarding teachers who come up with unique ideas to impart knowledge or who put in a lot of extra effort while teaching. This kind of attitude naturally does not motivate teachers, and their reaction gradually percolates in their way of teaching. Teachers do not want to give in their best while teaching due to the abysmal salary structure and lack of proper incentives. Many people try to stay away from teaching profession just due to its disappointing salary. When the teachers are motivated about their work, only then they can teach students with the much needed vigor. And these changes can take place when the proper salary structure and incentives are introduced for teachers.

Dearth Of Opportunities

It has been observed that students who attend public schools tend to face a lot of problems, as these schools are lagging behind as far as incorporation of technology in education is concerned. Therefore the teaching methods adopted in public schools are different than that of private schools, which implies that the latter has students with a better understanding of their subjects. The nuances of computer applications can be learnt easily when one is acquainted with computer related subjects at school. Students from public school are not as well as their public school counterparts when it comes to combining their studies with technology.


Most of the students in America are just accustomed to one language and that is English. Students from other countries, tend to know more than three languages. Knowing a few more languages can be helpful to students when they join the workforce in multinational companies, as they might have to interact with people from various other countries.

Segregation Based On Race

Many survey reports have shown that school groups are formed amongst students on the basis of their ethnicity and even the teachers sometimes tend to be partial towards students belonging to a particular race. This sort of discrimination ultimately can reduce the self esteem of a student, which can have an adverse effect on his life in the long run.

Perception Of Teachers

Most of the teachers tend to judge students based on their ethnicity, which can hamper the learning process of students. For example, a black student is always expected to be inclined towards sports and such type of prejudices can have a negative effect on students. There are many problems that are associated with the education system. But things can change for the better only when the proper steps are taken to address the issues that are ruining the system gradually.

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