College Education And Its Significance

When a student completes high school, he is often confused about pursuing higher education. The confusion stems from the fact that most people want to become independent after high school. Pursuing higher education would prevent them from taking up jobs which can squash their dreams of being independent at least for the next three to four years. It is important to think things through before taking any decision about college education as it can have a huge impact on their lives. One needs to understand Read more [...]

Don’t Shun Physical Education

Physical education is necessary for the comprehensive development of a child. Besides academics, one needs to focus on sports related activities as it helps to inculcate a sportsman spirit and also helps in keeping the body fit. Even though physical education holds a lot of importance, it is often treated as a second fiddle at educational institutions due to various issues. Sometimes dearth of funds and excessive amount of focus on academics prevents schools from giving the required attention to Read more [...]

Education: An Important Ingredient For Success

All of us are gifted with some kind of talent and education often helps unraveling the talents and provides us with appropriate opportunity to learn new skills. Education helps us to think in a constructive and creative manner so that we can apply the skills that have been learnt over the years. Just remembering facts is not true purpose of education. Education can be deemed as successful when a person is good with analytical skills and has the right degree of emotional quotient. Analytical skills Read more [...]