Don’t Shun Physical Education

Physical education is necessary for the comprehensive development of a child. Besides academics, one needs to focus on sports related activities as it helps to inculcate a sportsman spirit and also helps in keeping the body fit. Even though physical education holds a lot of importance, it is often treated as a second fiddle at educational institutions due to various issues. Sometimes dearth of funds and excessive amount of focus on academics prevents schools from giving the required attention to physical education. Teachers tend to emphasize more on the importance of academics as government funding for higher education is only given to students with excellent grades. The importance of physical education cannot be sidelined as it can provide students with innumerable benefits.

Physical Fitness

These days obesity is considered as one of the most common disease which haunts a lot of people. As we all know, one of the primary reasons that gives rise to obesity is lack of physical exercise. When a person is not physically fit then he might have to deal with a lot of conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, etc. taking part in physical activities can help in burning excess calories which are necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Physical education can imbibe the need for fitness in students and from a young age they can understand the importance of physical exercises.


Physical education can teach a child to remain focused through various physical activities. A person’s self confidence is often related to his physical appearance. Having a fit body can enhance self confidence and one can channelize the energy, in other aspects of his life.

Focus On Diet

Physical education imparts knowledge on subjects such as healthy diets. One can get to know about the food types which are harmful for health such as excessive carbohydrate filled foods, aerated drinks, etc. which would help them to make an informed decision about their diets. Many people are not aware of the harmful effects that unhealthy diets can have on our system and due to ignorance they fall into the trap of obesity. Introducing healthy foods such as nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, in our diet can build a foundation for good health. When proper information about diets are shared with students through physical education, then it can curb a lot of diseases in the future that occurs due to the lack of information about health foods and physical activities.

Increase In Productivity

It has been observed that students who participate in physical activities tend to be more focused in their studies as they have higher levels of energy as compared to their counterparts who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Physical education can instill the need for being physically active and in most of the cases; it results in better productivity at work and all the other aspects of life. People these days are gripped by stress due to their hectic lifestyles and majority of them do not know how to deal with such stressful situations. Physical activities can relieve stress to a large extent, and hence it has been seen that people who received physical education at school are better equipped to handle tough situations in life.

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