Entwine Technology With Education

Technology has introduced a lot of changes in our lives. Invariably technology these days has an impact on every fact of our lives. There are several tasks which were earlier done manually can now complete within a fraction of a second with the advent of technology. Modern technology has facilitated many processes through which highly complex jobs can be done with ease. Even in the education arena, technology has created a revolution of sorts. The importance of technology in the field of education Read more [...]

The Flaws Of The Education System

There have been a lot of debates surrounding the flaws that are present in education system these days. Lets us take a look at the factors which are responsible for making the education system quite flaky. Teacher’s Attitude One of the major issues that have gripped the education system for a long time is that the teachers almost have similar structure when it comes to their pay packages. The education industry as a whole does not recognize the need for awarding teachers who come up with Read more [...]

Online Education: The Next Best Thing

Online education as the name suggests is a process of learning which is done mainly through the internet. Online education has redefined the way of learning as one no longer has to worry about the physical boundaries and can avail amazing courses from institutes of any part of the world. For online courses, classes are conducted as per a pre decided schedule wherein both the teacher and student can discuss about the subjects. One of the basic requirements for online courses is that one needs a computer Read more [...]